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✨ Team Spotlight: Meet Dr. Dinesh Vyas - Driving Surgical Innovation and Excellence

Dr. Vyas is a widely acclaimed and accomplished surgeon, researcher, academic leader, and business executive who possesses a diverse range of expertise. He is recognized as a pioneer in utilizing MOOC and AR technology for global health education in prehospital care pedagogy, as well as a trailblazer in medical device innovation. Over the course of his career, Dr. Vyas has held numerous high-ranking positions, including Associate Dean of Surgery Research, CEO, CMO, Chair of University and Community Surgery Department, Program Director of Surgery Residency, and Chief of Quality. Mentored academic physicians & one of the top ten NorCal Robotic Surgeons,

Dr. Vyas operates a highly respected incubator with four startups and has attracted more than 10 million funding. He is a passionate learner who surrounds himself with knowledgeable individuals and has excelled in uncharted territories. His scientific work includes several medical firsts, published in prestigious journals such as iScience. Dr. Vyas has made significant contributions to surgical, basic science (nanotechnology), and clinical fields, including decreasing complications in the surgery with the most medical malpractice awards of gangrenous gallbladder surgery, increasing trained endoscopists with his underwater colonoscopy series, and has the largest robotic surgery series on gastric volvulus with hiatal hernia repair.

Dr. Vyas has an impressive track record of accomplishments, including over 100 peer-reviewed publications (with an h-index of 20) and abstracts, 200 invited talks, and editor-in-chief of two textbooks (including the Recent Textbook: Vyas Comprehensive Textbook of Surgery, 2023: 1100 pages with few thousand illustrations) with a combined four editions with hundreds of contributors, and three medicine journals. He is also the founder of several trauma training centers and has over thirty published or unpublished PATENTS and trademarks.

Moreover, Dr. Vyas runs a successful incubator with several medical devices:

1. StaplCam, the world's first fully disposable laparoscopic operating room system,

2. SMORTS, a disruptive injury prediction, prevention and treatment wearable AI/ML technology

3. HydroLap, which simplifies difficult Thoracic, Gyn and General surgeries, nearly ready for FDA clearance,

4. Roboscope, a home colonoscope with 3M applications/yr, revolutinizing colon cancer detection, fastest-growing cancer.

Dr. Vyas obtained his training from UPMC, Case Western Reserve, and Rajasthan University. His philosophy is to design efforts that have a significant impact.

You can connect with him here and follow Hydrolap for all the latest updates!


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